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Free Hispanic Heritage Month Activities

by Liliana Diaz September 13, 2020

Free Hispanic Heritage Month Activities

Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual holiday that celebrates the diversity of the many Hispanic communities, the contributions that many Latinx voices have provided us & the richness of the Latinx culture. Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15th and ends on October 15th. Although this celebration is one month long, I like to believe that this event should be a continuing celebration. By incorporating diverse activities into our practices, homes, and classrooms we can bring light to the voices that are often unheard. Make this celebration meaningful for your students, or child, and teach them about the richness that the Latinx culture has to offer. Here are some activities that you can incorporate at home, in school or during speech therapy and best of all, these activities are all FREE! Click on the links below to view the websites. 

Hispanic Heritage Month Lesson Plans, Booklists, Interviews with Latinx authors, & more!

Colorin Colorado is a bilingual website for educators and families of English language learners. The organization often provides great resources in English & Spanish for families. Check out these resources that they have to offer!


Free Coloring Pages for Children provides free printables and worksheets for a variety of themes. The website offers several free downloads for Hispanic Heritage Month. It's free to create an account. 


Free Hispanic Heritage Month Resources on TeacherspayTeachers  

A variety of teacher authors on Teacherspayteachers have provided great freebies for Hispanic Heritage Month. Check out these free downloads! 

Hispanic Heritage Month No Prep Worksheets by Mrs. Cabello Spanish Class

Hispanic Heritage Month Writing Activity in English & Spanish by Bilingual Made Easy

Hispanic Heritage Month Bulletin Board by Beyond Room 218

How to Make Pupusas: Spanish Listening Comprehension Activity by Guanaca at Heart


Engage your Child in Festive & Cultural Crafts for Hispanic Heritage Month! 

A fun way to model language is to make crafts at home. You can model all sorts of core vocabulary words such as "more, finished, help, want, need, look, etc." as well as verbs such as "cut, paste, rip, fold, pull, stick, etc. It's also such a great way to learn about a new culture. Here are some websites that provide step by step instructions on how to make these fun crafts for Hispanic Heritage Month.

How to Make Papel Picado by Ohoh Deco

How to Make Your Own Frida Khalo Headband by See Vanessa Craft 

Make a Frida Khalo Paper Plate by Box of Ideas

Quetzal Craft for Kids to Celebrate Guatemala's Independence Day by Growing Up Bilingual


Listen to Free Book Read-a-louds on Youtube 

Youtube has a variety of read-a-loud book videos which are perfect for Hispanic Heritage Month. These are great tools which can be used during speech teletherapy, reading time at home or during class. Check out these books which can be found on YouTube. 

Pelé King of Soccer By Monica Brown

Round is a Tortilla: A Book of Shapes

Island Born By Junot Diaz

Alma and How She Got Her Name by Juana Martinez

Celia Cruz, Queen of Salsa

What Can You Do with a Paleta? 


Youtube Videos About Hispanic Heritage Month

Once again, Youtube is a great resource to use for Hispanic Heritage Month, especially if your student or child is engaging in remote/distance learning. Here are some educational videos about Hispanic Heritage Month for children that you can watch. These videos are also great for targeting a variety of language goals. While you watch the video, have your child answer WH questions about the images shown (who, what, when, where, why). Another suggestion would be to pause the video and have your child describe the images on the screen. Some examples that you can say are: "What is the athlete doing? Tell me more. Where is she? What do you think will happen next?" Check out these videos!

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Dora

Sesame Street: Latino Festival

Hispanic Heritage Month | Be Inspired | Disney Channel


Learn about Hispanic Heritage Month with PBS Learning Media 

PBS Learning Media is an educational website for children in grades preschool through high school. The website provides a variety of educational resources, videos, activities and stories by grade level. For example, your child can learn about the history of the Flamenco dance with this fun video. Browse for other Hispanic Heritage Month activities on the website! 

Flamenco Dance Studio Field Trip


Learn about Hispanic Heritage Month through Cooking!

Cooking is such a great way to learn how to sequence, learn new vocabulary, work on following directions, learn about a new culture and more! Furthermore, kids always love to be a part of the cooking process and get to eat yummy treats!  You can also incorporate cooking during speech therapy via remote learning. You can do this by telling the parent ahead of time what ingredients you will need. Your student and yourself can cook via the computer screen together and all while your student's parent is also helping. Check out these fun recipes that are perfect for Hispanic Heritage Month! 

How to Make Mexican Paletas

Make Tacos! (Have all the ingredients pre-made and have your child add the ingredients to the taco. You can work on following directions and sequencing as opposed to focusing on actually making the ingredients.)

Making Sweet Beverages | Morir Soñando from the Dominican Republic

Liliana Diaz
Liliana Diaz


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