3 Holiday Activities for Bilingual Parents

by Liliana Diaz December 13, 2023

3 Holiday Activities for Bilingual Parents

Looking for fun and educational activities that will keep your child entertained? Here are 3 holiday activities that promote language development & can be done in any language :)


Holiday-Themed Sensory Bin

Create a fun holiday-themed sensory bin by adding fun little holiday trinkets and any filler of your choosing. I used a rice filler to create a sensory bin for my son however, you can fill it sand, instasnow, tree tinsel or any age-appropriate filler of your choosing. For little ones, please ensure that you are providing adult supervision in case the filler is a choking hazard.

In our sensory bin, I used mini holiday ornaments which you can find at any craft store such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels or even the dollar store. Make sure to include some utensils so that your child can practice scooping and pouring.


Language Modeling Ideas for Sensory Bins

While playing with the sensory bin, you can talk about all the items in the bin in your home language. This will help build vocabulary and your child’s knowledge of the items. Make sure to stay away from quizzing your child (i.e., what is that?) and instead model lots of action words by describing what your child is doing.

Work on the following in your home language: labeling the items, naming actions (i.e., pour, scoop, fill, etc.), describing (i.e., it feels wet/dry/smooth, etc) , answering questions (i.e., where is the toy that is red?), sentence formulation (i.e., I see a ___ / Veo un(a) ___).


Holiday Stickers

Stickers are an easy and fun way to bring hours of entertainment. Not only does it work on your child’s fine motor skills, but you can adapt this activity in many ways. Have your child create a pattern, stick them on various surfaces, have them tell you 2 things about the sticker, or even ask questions. It’s also a great way to work on asking for help.

Language Modeling Ideas for Using Stickers

Work on the following in your home language: Asking questions (i.e., where is the sticker?), asking for help, talking about a pattern, asking for more, asking for help, following directions (i.e., put the sticker on the ___), identification of body parts (i.e., put the sticker on your nose), etc.


Gingerbread House

Lastly, try using a gingerbread house kit which can be bought at any grocery store. Making a gingerbread house is full of language modeling and learning opportunities. Your child can work on following directions, learning expectations of steps, problem solving, as well as description through the 5 senses. It’s also a fun way to create memorable bonding moments in your home language. 


Language Modeling Ideas for Gingerbread Houses

Work on the following in your home language:  Following directions, problem solving (i.e., why won't the candy stick?), describing (i.e., it smells like ___), asking for more, requesting objects (i.e., can I have more frosting?), asking for help, etc.


Try It Out!

Give it a try at home! For bilingual parents, it’s a great way for your child to learn holiday vocabulary in your home language, and also a fun way to create memorable bonding moments in your home language. 

What other activities will you be doing this holiday season? Let me know in the comments! 




Liliana Diaz
Liliana Diaz


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