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Mentions & Interviews


Speechie Side Up
Speechie SideUp Podcast:

Episode 63: The one about bilingual myth busters & best practices for bilingual speech/language assessment with Liliana Diaz-Vazquez.

In this episode, you get to hear from the official Bilingual Speechie, Liliana Diaz-Vazquez! Liliana is a Chicago-based SLP with a passion for creating bilingual resources. You will get to learn about the common myths associated with bilingual language development, and how to integrate the curriculum into bilingual language therapy. You will also learn about the best practices when providing bilingual speech therapy and during a bilingual speech and language evaluation. Learn More Here! 

SLP Now Podcast:
Episode 54: Tips and tricks for working with bilingual students

In this podcourse, Liliana shares strategies to help SLPs navigate assessment and goal writing when working with English language learners. She also shares tips to improve communication with parents who don’t speak English. SLPs will walk away with practical tips and strategies to provide more effective intervention when working with bilingual students. Learn More Here!



In Plain Language
In Plain Language:

Can Kids Get Accents from TV Shows?

Hear valuable tips from top experts to help your child’s language skills skyrocket- whether its their native language or another language. Learn More Here!




SLP Live

Bilingual Myth Busters & Best Practices for Bilingual Speech/Language Assessment

In this session, we discussed common myths associated with bilingual language development. We also discussed different resources for learning more about best practices when providing bilingual speech therapy and during a bilingual speech and language evaluation. In addition, we explored various strategies for integrating the curriculum into bilingual language therapy and running whole group therapy sessions. Learn More Here! 

Bilingual Educators Virtual Summit 2019
Bilingual Educators Virtual Summit 2019:

Identifying Red Flags for Speech and Language Impairment in Bilingual Children by Liliana Diaz-Vazquez M.S.,CCC-SLP/L

A virtual conference where educators dedicated to advancing bilingual education provide quality professional development for all bilingual educators in Spanish and English. Learn More Here!



SLP Connect Podconference 2020

 Diversify Your Speech Therapy Materials by Liliana Diaz-Vazquez M.S.,CCC-SLP/L

A virtual podconference where SLPs can choose from ASHA accredited podcourses that cover topics including AAC, cultural diveristy & more! In this course, Liliana shares  tips to help diversify your speech therapy materials. Learn More Here!



Speech Retreat Fall Recharge 2020

Writing Speech Therapy Goals for English Language Learners by Liliana Diaz-Vazquez M.S.,CCC-SLP/L

Speech Retreat is a virtual conference where SLPs can learn and have fun while walking away with practical therapy ideas. In this course, Liliana discusses best practices when writing speech therapy goals for English language learners. Learn More Here!



Maly the Blue TigerInterviews  

Malty the Blue Tiger: 

Ask an Expert: How can I teach my child a second language if I don’t speak it?

We chatted with our friend Liliana Diaz-Vazquez M.S.,CCC-SLP/L a bilingual speech language pathologist based in Chicago, for her insight. Below, you'll find her roar-worthy advice for immersing your child in a second language. Learn More Here!

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