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3 Holiday Activities for Bilingual Parents

December 13, 2023

Looking for fun and educational activities that will keep your child entertained? Here are 3 holiday activities that promote language development & can be done in any language :)

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Top Bilingual Toys for the Holiday Season

November 22, 2021

With the holiday season approaching, you are probably wondering what to buy for your little bilingual, or perhaps you are looking to gift an educational toy to a little one on a bilingual journey. Well lucky for you, you are in the right spot! As a bilingual speech language pathologist and new bilingual mom, I am constantly on the search for toys that can provide English and Spanish output. 

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How to Raise a Bilingual Child

November 29, 2020 1 Comment

Are you trying to raise your child to be bilingual? Are you looking for the best way to expose your child to your home language? Are you uncertain of where to start? Well then keep reading because you are in the right spot!

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Free Hispanic Heritage Month Activities

September 13, 2020

Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual holiday that celebrates the diversity of the many Hispanic communities, the contributions that many Latinx voices have provided us & the richness of the Latinx culture. Here are some FREE activities that you can incorporate at home, in school or during speech therapy.

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15 Spanish Board Books that Promote Language Development in Babies & Toddlers

July 20, 2020

I often get asked for my opinion for the best Spanish books for toddlers from SLPs and parents, so here it is! I am sharing with you some of my favorite Spanish board books that I frequently use in speech therapy with my little ones.

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Subtractive Bilingualism vs. Additive Bilingualism: Supporting Your Child’s Native Language at Home

July 13, 2020

Do you want to raise your child to become bilingual? Do you want to maintain your native language at home? Then there are two important terms that you must become familiar with: Subtractive Bilingualism & Additive Bilingualism. Knowing the difference between these two terms will allow you to best support your child at home in your native language. 

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Choosing the Best Bilingual Program for your Child – Supporting Bilingualism

July 07, 2020 1 Comment

There are different bilingual programs that exist in the school setting and you may be wondering which program may best suite your child in order to maintain your home language or perhaps you would like to enhance your child’s language learning abilities in Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic, Korean, etc. In this blog post, I will discuss some of the major bilingual programs that exist in the school setting as well as the advantages and disadvantages of enrolling in those programs.  

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What is a Speech Language Pathologist?

August 06, 2019 1 Comment

Speech-language pathologists (SLP) work to prevent, assess, diagnose, and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in children and adults. Speech language pathologists or speech therapists are responsible for identifying and treating children and/or adults who may need services in the following areas:

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    Frequently Asked Questions by Parents on Bilingualism | As featured on “Malty the Blue Tiger”

    August 04, 2019

    I had the wonderful opportunity to chat with Kelsey Kloss, author and the creator of Malty the Blue Tiger about common questions that parents ask about bilingualism. Kelsey Kloss is an author that emphasizes the importance of language and language learning. She created "Malty the Blue Tiger" bilingual books which can be found on her website. Check it out here. 

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    Top 5 Myths About Bilingual Language Development

    August 03, 2019

    These are some of the top common myths that I have heard over the years while working with the bilingual population. Most of these myths I have heard from parents and/or professionals such as doctors or other SLPs who may not be necessarily informed about the best and current practices when working with linguistically diverse and bilingual populations. 

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    Top Spanish Apps for Speech Therapy

    February 13, 2019

    Whether you are a parent or SLP, the following apps are a must have if you are considering downloading educational language learning apps. These are some of my favorite apps to use during speech therapy that are available in a variety of languages. Check them out!

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