Three Kings Day | Bilingual Activity Pack for Speech Therapy


Three Kings Day or Día de Los Tres Reyes Magos is a holiday that is celebrated in Mexico, Spain and other Spanish speaking countries on January 6th. Teach your students about this interesting and unique holiday while incorporating your student's speech and language goals.

This is a bilingual and interactive activity packet for speech therapy. This packet will allow you to work on a variety of goal areas with your student. The entire packet comes in English & Spanish.

This activity packet includes:

  • Interactive Book with a simplified history of the Three Kings & the rosca tradition. Includes embedded WH questions in English & Spanish
  • Mini coloring book which includes the story about The Three kings in English & Spanish
  • Writing Activity worksheet in English & Spanish
  • Compare & Contrast worksheet in English & Spanish
  • Synonym & Antonym worksheet in English & Spanish
  • Reading Comprehension with multiple choice WH questions in English & Spanish
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