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There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell | Bilingual Speech & Language Packet


Enjoy these fun speech & language companion activities (English & Spanish)  with the story "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell."

This entire packet comes in both languages & covers a variety of expressive & receptive language areas.

 The following is included in both Spanish and English:

  • Visuals to be used for telling the story
  • Object Functions (the student matches the picture with the object function description.
  • Story Mat to retell the story
  • Following Directions coloring sheet with 1 and 2 step directions.
  • Same or different worksheets (the student circles the correct answer)
  • Sequencing worksheet with images (The student cuts out the images and places them in the correct order)
  • Mini Story booklet for retelling the story
  • Vocabulary coloring images
  • Sentence visuals for increasing mean length utterance
  • Plural Nouns fill in the blank worksheet
  • Pronouns (the student cuts out the images and places them on the Santa Claus or lady. A sentence strip is provided.)
  • Wh- Questions with field of 3 answer choices
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