Speech & Language Screener | Spanish | Grades 1st- 3rd


This is a thorough screener intended for predominately Spanish speaking students in grades 1st through 3rd grade. The screener is intended for use of a licensed bilingual speech language pathologist.

This Spanish screener provides you with data in the areas of expressive and receptive language.Please take note that this screener has not been normed and interpretation of results should be based on your own clinical judgment. The screener will help you determine areas of strength, need and whether a referral should be made.

Visual stimuli is provided for necessary items. In addition, a progress monitoring chart is included with this product. Each skill area is aligned to the common core standards. Common core standards have been included in the progress monitoring chart.

A summary chart is also provided in order to have a quick and brief summary of the student’s results.

Areas observed:

•Knowledge of personal info
•Answering wh-questions
•Reading comprehension
•Phonemic Awareness
•Retelling a story
•Following directions
•Past tense verbs
•Gathering a language sample
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