English & Spanish | Trick or Treating with Core Vocabulary


Go Trick or Treating with this fun Halloween Activity. This activity comes in English & Spanish & primarily targets core vocabulary & allows for the student to capture the true meaning of the selected core word through the interactions that take place throughout the book. See a preview here

Your student will "Go trick or treating" & collect candy during this activity while targeting the core words: OPEN, SEE, WHO

The activity also includes an activity in which your student can work on the core word: IN, HAVE

Sentence strips included:

____ in the candy bucket

I see a ____

I have a _____

The activity also includes Mexican candy which makes it a perfect activity to use for Hispanic Heritage Month. Your student will be able to learn about these Mexican sweets.

Pulparindo - is a tamarind fruit candy that is sweet and spicy.

Pelon Pelo Rico- comes in a green plastic container that you squeeze in order to eat the tamarind-flavored gel.

Mazapan De La Rosa - a crumbly candy made of crushed peanuts.

Duvalin- is a delicious soft & creamy milk candy that comes in a small container with a small plastic spoon. It has a delicious hazelnut and vanilla flavored candy cream inside.

Rebanaditas- is a watermelon lollipop that is usually covered in in a spicy chile powder



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