Earth Day & Recycling Bilingual Book for Speech Therapy


Get ready to celebrate our environment with this interactive book that makes it easy for students to understand what earth day is as well as learn about the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle)

This is a bilingual English & Spanish activity about Earth day and Recycling. You can read the interactive book and have students match the pictures and/or answer the questions embedded in the book.

A park scene is also included in which you can place the visuals onto the park scene with velcro. This activity also includes a sorting activity in order to teach the difference between disposable garbage and recyclable garbage.


  • Interactive Book in English
  • Interactive Book in Spanish
  • Park Scence
  • Visuals in English & Spanish
  • Plastic, Paper, Aluminum Sorting Worksheet in English & Spanish
  • Disposable versus Recyclable Sorting Worksheet in English & Spanish
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