Día de los Muertos Open-ended Craft Activity for Speech Therapy


Teach your students about this beautiful Mexican holiday, El Dia de los Muertos! This is a bilingual craft activity that teaches students about the symbols that are included on the typical altar de muertos. Students can decorate and build their own altar with the clipart provided. This activity comes with 2 editable templates (1 in English & 1 in Spanish). It also comes with a coloring craft, a coloring worksheet for the Día de los Muertos Symbols and their meanings. As well as a worksheet where your students can draw and describe their own symbols.

This activity is open-ended which means you can insert your own text/instructions. You can turn this into an articulation activity by typing in your student's target words, or turn it into a following directions activity by typing in the instructions. Another suggestion is to turn it into a WH question activity by typing in WH questions about each of the symbols that your student will place on their altar. The possibilities are endless! 

Please note: Open this activity in Acrobat or other PDF program in order to edit and add your own text.

What's Included:

Page 4 – English Editable Template
Page 5 – Spanish Editable Template
Page 6-7 – Small images for pages 4-5
Page 8 – English Coloring Craft
Page 9 – Spanish Coloring Craft
Page 10-11 – Large images for pages 8-9
Page 12-13 – Symbols in black & white for coloring (English)
Page 14-15 – Symbols in black & white for coloring (Spanish)
Page 16 – English draw your own symbols
Page 17 – Spanish draw your own symbols
English en