Building Language | Bilingual (Spanish & English) Handouts for Parents


This is a parent friendly bilingual (Spanish & English) resource intended for parents of children with speech & language delays/disorders.

These handouts are meant to be given to parents in order to help them work on language enhancing strategies to increase their child's speech and language skills. The packet includes functional routine based language activities for parents as well as an easy explanation of strategies for building expressive/receptive language.

You can print the handouts on colored paper for a nice look!
The handouts are in black and white which make it easy for printing. In addition, you can print double sided on your printer to create a Spanish & English worksheet.

Language Strategies included:
  • Introduction to Building Vocabulary / Desarrollar el Vocabulario de su Hijo
  • Self-talk / Hablar Con uno Mismo
  • Expansions/Extensions / Expansiones de Palabras
  • The Desire to Communicate (Communication Temptations) / El Deseo de Comunicarse
Different ways to incorporate the use of language during everyday routines are included in the packet. Each page consists of suggested utterances, nouns, adjectives & verbs during the specific activity. Routines mentioned are as follows:
  • Language in the Kitchen / Lenguaje en la Cocina
  • Language during getting Dressed / Lenguaje durante la Rutina de Vestir
  • Language while Playing / Lenguaje durante los Juegos
  • Language while in the Park/Outside / Lenguaje durante un Paseo Afuera o al Parque
  • Language while Grocery Shopping / Lenguaje durante un Paseo a la Tienda
  • Language during Bath Time / Lenguaje durante la Rutina de Bañar
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