BOOM Cards | All About the Weather | for Speech Therapy in English & Spanish


This Boom Card activity comes in English and Spanish! It's the perfect activity to learn about the weather and the seasons. In this activity, you will be able to target a variety of language goals such as pronouns, utterance length, questions, adjectives and comprehension of the text.

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Pronouns Activity - focuses on the pronoun usage of HE/SHE. The student describes the picture by naming the season or describing the weather (field of 3 provided). Then the student decides what clothes are appropriate for the character. Sentence strips provided.

Utterance Length- this activity focuses on the carrier phrase "I SEE A" or "VEO UN(A)." The student describes what items are typically seen in the weather listed on the prompt.

Questions - The student answers simple "WHAT" questions by selecting which clothing item he/she wears in certain weather. A field of 3 is provided.

Adjectives - The student describes the picture scene by selecting the correct weather term or adjective (rainy, snowy, windy, etc) to describe the picture. Field of 3 is provided.

Comprehension - A short story about the weather is provided. The student answers simple "WHAT" questions based on the text of the story. A field of 4 is provided.


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  • A computer, laptop, tablet, or Chromebook
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  • A Boom Learning account (THIS IS FREE)
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