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Articulation Worksheets for Distance Learning | Spanish


These worksheets are perfect to send via email to any parent so that their child can work on his/her articulation skills in SPANISH. These worksheets can also be utilized in speech teletherapy while using the drawing, coloring, or stamp tool via the Zoom platform, Acrobat or any online platform that allows you to color/draw on documents.

 What's included:

 Each worksheet consists of placement instructions for each phoneme along with visual cues, pictures for the target sound that the student can color, target words that can be colored, a crossword puzzle, and one silly sentence that the student has to read and then draw. The articulation packet also contains instructions on how you can use this activity via the Zoom or Acrobat platform with your student.

 Spanish Sounds included:

Page 3 – Initial CH
Page 4 – Medial CH
Page 5 – Initial L
Page 6 – Medial L
Page 7 – Final L
Page 8 – L Blends
Page 9 – R blends
Page 10 – Initial R Trilled
Page 11 – Medial R Trilled
Page 12 – Medial R Flap
Page 13 – Final R Flap
Page 14 – Initial S
Page 15 – Medial S
Page 16 – Final S
Page 17 – Initial T
Page 18 – Medial T
Page 19 – Initial D
Page 20 – Medial D
Page 21 – Initial N
Page 22 – Medial N
Page 23 – Final N
Page 24 – Initial F
Page 25 – Medial F
Page 26 – Initial K
Page 27 – Medial K
Page 28 – Initial G
Page 29 – Medial G
Page 30 – How to use on Zoom or Acrobat Pro DC
Page 31 – Terms of Use
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