Articulation Lotería | SPANISH


Lotería is a traditional Mexican game similar to the game BINGO. Every image has a name and an assigned number however, the number is usually ignored. Each player has one game card to play with.

This version will be a little different since the primary purpose of this game is to work on your student’s articulation goals. Print out the table and the cards. Shuffle the deck and call out the card. Have your student name the picture, put the word in a phrase and/or sentence (depending on your student’s goal). Have your student place a bean, chip, penny, or whatever object you choose, on the picture.

First person to get 3 in a row, get a diagonal or fill up the board wins! (you choose the rules)


  • Initial K, Medial K
  • Initial G, Medial G
  • Initial S, Medial S
  • Initial L, Medial L
  • Initial CH, Medial CH
  • L blends
  • R blends
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