AAC 101 | A Resource for Classroom Teachers


Working with AAC with little to no experience can be challenging. As an SLP, you have to provide a lot of information and ensure that the teacher is fully trained and knows how to support your AAC user in the classroom.

For the classroom teacher that is a new to AAC, no worries! We are here to support you and make learning about AAC fun!

This resource was intended for classroom teachers who are new to the world of AAC. The worksheet goes over the basics in a simple and easy to read step-by-step break down of AAC. It includes all major components of what is needed to know about AAC. Easy to read worksheet to refer back to when you have questions!

It includes information about the following sections:

• What is AAC?
• Why AAC?
• AAC Systems
• AAC in the Schools
• Core versus Fringe Vocabulary
• Aided Language Stimulation
• Hierarchy of Cues
• Core Vocabulary in the Curriculum
• List of Resources
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