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The Jacket I Wear in the Snow | Bilingual Book Companion


This is a speech therapy book companion for the book "The Jacket I Wear in the Snow" by Shirley Neitzel. This activity packet allows you to work on a variety of language areas in BOTH English & Spanish, such as wh- questions, following directions, plurals and much more. It also includes sentence strips and visual cards that you can use while reading the story to your students. See what's included below:

This book companion includes the following:

•Page 4-5 – English Sentence Strips
•Page 6-7 – Spanish Sentence Strips
•Page 8 – Placement mat for visuals in English
•Page 9 – Placement mat for visuals in Spanish
•Page 10 – Visuals in English
•Page 11 – Visuals in Spanish
•Page 12-13 – Large visuals in English
•Page 14-15 – Large visuals in Spanish
•Page 16- Sequencing in English
•Page 17 – Sequencing in Spanish
•Page 18 – Object Function in English
•Page 19 – Object Function in Spanish
•Page 20-21 – Same or Different in English
•Page 22-23 – Same or Different in Spanish
•Page 24 – Plurals in English
•Page 25 – Plurals in Spanish
•Page 26-27 – WH- Questions in English
•Page 28-29 – Questions in Spanish
•Page 30 – Labeling in English
•Page 31 – Open ended drawing in English
•Page 32 – Labeling in Spanish
•Page 33- Open ended drawing in Spanish
•Page 34 – Sorting in English
•Page 35 – Sorting in Spanish
•Page 36-37 – Following directions in English
•Page 38-39 – Following directions in Spanish
•Page 40-50 – Coloring Booklet in English & Spanish

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