BOOM Cards | Visual Scenes for WH Questions | Bilingual


Have you ever played the game Chipper Chat? It's a super fun game where you collect tokens with a magic wand. Now you can play a similar version of this game but with BOOM cards!

This bilingual activity comes in English and Spanish and targets WH questions at the picture level. Your student will answer WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY questions by describing the picture. Question Prompts are provided for each scene.

How to Play:

Each time your student answers a question, he/she can select a token by dragging it to the white space. After your student answers all the questions and receives 10 tokens, he/she can grab the yellow wand and drag it over the tokens.

(Note: the tokens will not disappear however, your student can drag each coin to the wand. This will provide the illusion that the wand is magnetic just like in the game.)


  • 10 visual scenes with 10 questions in English
  • 10 visual scenes with 10 questions in Spanish

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