Winter Break Language Packet | English


Are you looking for something fun and easy to give to your speech students for winter break?! Look no more, you found an all in one packet! This no prep winter packet will target a variety of language areas which is great for all of those different language goals! It consists of activities that will last 2 weeks (one activity per day)!

This packet will target the following areas: MLU, Following Directions, Verbs, Pronouns, Wh- Questions, Categories, Synonyms, Antonyms, Expressive and Receptive Vocabulary, Sequencing, and Adjectives!

It includes the following in English:

  • Editable take home letter in English with goal section included
  • Day by day completion page that the student can return to you after break
  • Interactive forming sentences worksheet
  • Following directions worksheet
  • Verb & Pronouns worksheet
  • Cut & Paste Wh- question worksheet
  • Interactive categories activity
  • Categories worksheet
  • Spontaneous Conversation (Draw one thing you did during winter break & describe)
  • Synonym & Antonyms worksheet
  • Adjectives worksheet
  • Suggested Winter Language Activities
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