Feed the Monster | Speech Therapy Activity for Apraxia | English


Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to practice CVC words with your student? This is a FUN activity to help your student work on those early emerging sounds in the CVC syllable shapes.

Have your student feed the monster the target words! This activity comes with over 192 CVC words containing initial and final K, G, T, D, B, M, and P phonemes.

This activity also includes 3 monster templates that you can use with a regular shoe box or with the original "Let's Talk" conversation box by Lakeshore Learning or 6x6 box.

Adapt this activity by feeding the monster all sorts of objects (i.e., pretend food, other flashcards, pictures, visuals and more!)

What's included: 

192 total words
Includes target words for CVC syllable shape
Includes CVC words for initial and final K, G, T, D, B, M, P
Includes 3 monster templates to use with a shoe box or a 6x6 box
Words are in English only
Español es