BUNDLE | Bilingual Foldable Mini Books for MLU


Looking for a NO PREP activity or something that will be great for speech homework!? Look no further! This no prep foldable book bundle is perfect for building mean length of utterance. It comes in both ENGLISH & SPANISH!

In this bundle, you will get all 4 book bundles for 20% off. Each book bundle includes 5 mini books which totals to 20 mini books!

The bundle includes booklets for the following word combinations:

"I see a ___"  | "Yo veo un___” Pronoun + verb+ noun
“Adjectives” Article + noun+ verb + adjectives
“I have a ____" | "Yo tengo un _____” Pronoun + verb + noun
“He/She is _____” | “Él/Ella esta ____” Article + pronoun+ verb

Utilize these booklets when working on building MLU or targeting different word combinations with your bilingual students!

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