Bulletin Board Decor Kit for Classroom | I Spy - Yo Espío


Decorate your classroom or speech therapy room with this all-in-one FUNctional bulletin board kit! Add 3D objects to create a tactile/sensory wall!

 This bilingual bulletin decor kit is functional and allows you to target your student's speech/language goals prior to entering the classroom. It also encourages teachers to participate in their student's speech/language learning by allowing them to use the bulletin board interactively while in the hallway with their students.

 Here's What's Included:

  • Bulletin Board Letters Reads: "I Spy" "Yo Espío"
  • Letters come in white and red font colors
  • Additional cut-out images are provided in case you do not want to purchase 3D objects to place on the bulletin board
  • 4 prompts/visuals provided: Describe it, Find your speech sound, Ask a question, Use it in a sentence
  • Option of using Bilingual visuals (will have both English/Spanish text) or monolingual only English or only Spanish option.
  • Blue bulletin board trim/border
  • Magnify glass cut outs
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