Bulletin Board Decor Kit for Classroom | Bilingualism is Beautiful


Decorate your classroom or speech therapy room with this all-in-one bulletin board kit! The bright and calming colors will surely add the perfect touch to your classroom or bulletin boards.

This bulletin decor kit is centered around positive affirmations on bilingualism with the center statement "Bilingualism is Beautiful." I wanted to create something for my bilingual students that will encourage positivity, continued use of their home language, self-love of their culture, identity and language. 

This bulletin board resource contains positive affirmations and the benefits of being bilingual. In addition, students can complete the prompt, “Bilingualism is my superpower. I can...” and write about the benefits that their home language brings. 

Here's What's Included:

  • Bulletin Board Letters Reads: "Bilingualism is Beautiful"
  • Letters come in 2 different sized fonts (small/large)
  • Banner Reads: "Your Language Matters"
  • Banner comes in 2 different sizes (small/large)
  • Green bulletin board trim/border
  • Books cutout
  • Anatomy of the bilingual brain cutout
  • 6 different colored positive affirmations & benefits of being bilingual
  • 6 different colored prompts that all read "Bilingualism is my superpower. I can..."
  • Brain light bulb cutouts
  • Swirl cutouts that you can use as connectors


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