Bilingual Picture Communication Board | English & Spanish


Provide your bilingual AAC users with an appropriate picture communication board that contains research-based Spanish core vocabulary words.

Core vocabulary lists are typically created by sampling language use in speakers at different ages (e.g., toddlers, school-aged, adults), across different modalities (e.g., oral, written) and settings (e.g., school, workplace) and with different learning profiles (e.g., neurotypical,neurodiverse). 

Oftentimes, the picture communication boards that you see online are direct translations of the English versions. This is not best practice! Here's why:

Why can’t I just translate my English core board into Spanish?

Word lists and vocabulary inventories vary according to language. Lists from one language cannot and should not be assumed to transfer to another language, as words represent the concepts and grammar of each language.

Why can’t you include both languages on one picture board?

By including the direct translation of the English words & Spanish words on the same board, you will leave out important features of both languages that don’t directly translate to either language.

Research article cited in the file.

This file contains 2 picture communication boards. One in Spanish and one in English with similar core words yet respectful of the language features of both languages.

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