Bilingual Articulation Progress Monitoring Tool


Now you can take data on your bilingual student's articulation progress throughout the year! As a bilingual speech language pathologist, I know it can be so difficult to manage and keep separate data organized for both languages. This is why I have included cognate word pairs (words that have the same linguistic derivation as another) in this resource in order to reduce the amount of switching between stimuli. This is awesome because now your student may be allowed to respond in either language while maintaining the observable or target phoneme. This is the first tool of its kind!

Please note that a formal score will not be obtained by using this tool and interpretation of results are based on your own clinical judgement.

Also please note that all phonemes in the Spanish & English phonetic inventory have been included.

What's included?

  • Student Data Tracker
  • IEP Goal Tracker with chart included
  • Phoneme Tracker for all phonemes in both Spanish & English
  • Spanish & English Stimuli Book
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